Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping

By May Kwek

To be honest I don’t like shopping
But at Christmas it’s a need
It’s lucky it doesn’t stem from greed
Or I would have squashed it like a weed

At this time however reluctant
I venture into the malls
Staying away from the large stacks
Fearing they might fall

I then enter the shops
Taking nervous little stops
Looking at this and at that
 And wondering if anyone needs a hat

I wonder what each person would want
Then try to hunt it down
And if I am lucky
I’ll find something else as well

I squeeze through the crowds
Which often talk too loud
And avoid the sales ladies
Who have too much to tell

All in the quest
To find the perfect present
With “what would they like”
As the deciding question

Then after the long queues
And the agonising waits
I’ll usually have a few
Presents on my plate

And now I can find a seat
And admire the Christmas lights
Then in amazement
Find that it’s already night

And I’ll rush home quickly
To beginning with the wrapping
At the same time remembering
How I hate Christmas shopping

Copyright © 2011 by May Kwek

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