Sunday, December 18, 2011

Birthday poem for my friend, Anabel, sixteen birthday

Happy Birthday Anabel!

By May Kwek

After waiting half a year
At last the time now comes near
Sixteen, sixteen, sixteen at last!
Don’t the years pass so fast?

You were born with the summer bloom
Where there was no time for quiet gloom
Little wonder what you are
That smiling person even at a far!

I wish you many hopes my friend
And that life will lend you a hand
Now that childhood has started to fade
Your friends shall always be there to aid

Stand fast in weal and woe
For those will come that is true
But weather it well I am sure you would
And still smiling like only you could

Let your years be your wings
And after your dreams let them sing
Hold on to what is true
And achieve them I am sure you would

What is left for me to say?
So many things I have wished your way
Friends, hopes, wishes and dreams
What else is there for you to win?

But there is one last wish
The most important of all
And with all my heart I wish you


Copyright © 2011 by May Kwek

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