Wednesday, December 21, 2011



By May Kwek

There are books on my table
And books on the shelves
There books in the cardboard
And everywhere else

My family read all the time
Especially me
I have a friendship with books
They are my companions you see

They are time machines
That travel through the ages
A ship through which I can travel
And learn without wages

They are an open door
To a brand new world
So though the journeys can be sore
I would forsake it for the world

The words become pictures
And dance in my brain
The stories read quickly
Like a torrential rain

And I can fly away
To the mountains high
And like a bird
 I can touch the sky 

Books bring me to the oceans
They bring to space
And then they return to earth
To where a poor man once laid

They teach me to feel
What others might have felt
For books have a certain magic
To bring me there as well

And so I say 
Books are my friends
For when I am lonely
These adventures they send

Copyright © 2011 by May Kwek

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