Thursday, December 15, 2011



By May Kwek

Boredom comes quietly
No trumpet does it blow
And yet its continuous victory
Is always widely known

Before the battles even begins
Your war is already lost
As boredom comes and deprives you
Of what will you’ve got

Your spirits sink so low
That you have no energy to go
And your eyes droop in submission
To this efficient menace

It is like a lazy spirit
That swoops in and becomes your master
And though you want to rid it
No strength can you muster

You feel like a clock
Hanging tired on the wall
Waiting ever so patiently
For the final call

You find yourself staring
Blankly into space
With boredom in your bones
You’re a hopeless case

Boredom is a sickness
Which inflicts us all
Against which even the mightiest
Will eventually fall

Copyright © 2011 by May Kwek

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