Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Rose's Thorns

The Rose's Thorn

By May Kwek

If I could pick a flower
of which I could praise
I would pick a rose
but not for beauty I say

But for its stems
hard and strong
so far from a lily's
willowy form

And for its thorns
which are so hard to touch
red from many
careless grasp

Anyone can see beauty 
in the form of a rose
but often for its flower
and its sunshine glow

But not for its stems
and nor for its thorns
these we detest
with disdainful scorn 

How easily we forget
the importance of these!
And care only for its beauty 
the flower beyond reach

For the stems and the thorns
though treated with unfair scorn
protects this lovely flower
so that it lasts long

So don't praise the rose for beauty
for that does not last long
but for its strength through adversity
which would help it carry on

Copyright © 2011 by May Kwek

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