Saturday, December 3, 2011

Writing on a rainy night

Writing on a rainy night

By May Kwek

A quiet peace descends
On the gentle misty air
And outside the rain drones
Without a worldly care

It is here that I sit
Painting my dreams
In a world that doesn’t exist
But in the painting words bring

I dream of flowers and the sun
Dancing in the brightness of dawn
I dream of the moon and stars
In a world dark and long

I write of people
Of their cares and their joys
And I write their stories
 To give them a voice

I laugh with the children’s laughter
And cry with the widow’s tears
I feel when hearts are broken
And rejoice when they are healed

I can see the clouds dancing
And hear the rustling of leaves
But I also see the battles in war
And the hear the cries within

It is a supreme agitation
On such a peaceful night
To hear what you rather not
And see darkness instead of light

But then the peace returns
And the mists roll into the night
For in a writer’s world
Words are might

Copyright © 2011 by May Kwek

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