Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm not writing for a while

I'm not writing for a while

By May Kwek

I haven’t been able
To write poems for a while
But happily for now this ability
Has returned as you see now

You see my major exams are approaching
Like death knells they beat ever near
Stress, tiredness and even boredom courses through me
And at the centre is, I am afraid, fear

So I am sorry everyone
But I haven’t the time to write
Even when I do the stress
Blocks out my muse’s light

But I shall continue again
When all this is over and done
Assuming that I am alive, above ground
And still smiling at the sun

So I am afraid that you must be patient
And give me the time to learn my lessons
Before I return with renewed vigour
To write words forever and ever!

Wish me luck everyone! And see you again come December!

Copyright © 2013 by May Kwek

'A' levels

‘A’ levels

By May Kwek 

How should I describe
This awful, terrible beast?
It is like a shadow ever lurking
Unwilling to cease

The brightest sun can’t clear its darkness
And at night it even glows bright
A haunting glow
That gives me nightmares at night

Forever there is this anxiety
And the school, bah they don’t help!
No they hound me with “you must work harder”
I almost want to say ‘go to hell’

Yet even in hell I am sure there is no escape
The stress follows wherever I go
Why must so much depend on one test?
I really wish to know

My future, my life
So much is at stake
Two years for something so important
What joke are they trying to make?

And the fear! The fear!
In the core of our hearts
Chasing us to work harder
Till we fall apart!

Enough! Enough!
Oh God for a rest!
From the endless demands
The exams and the tests

But since we can’t I’m afraid
We must carry on
I can’t wait till this is over
And the pressure is all gone!

Copyright © 2013 by May Kwek