Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why Christmas

Hey everyone, I am back! A'levels are over and I can write again. So here's a Christmas poem for you all. Merry Christmas everyone! And a Happy New Year!

Why Christmas

By May Kwek

You and I weren’t there
On that first Christmas night
We heard no song, no baby’s cry
Didn’t even see the star’s light

Yet we celebrate Christmas
So many years later
About two thousand years
If I correctly remember

Why? We may well ask
It was so long ago
Why celebrate something
And celebrate so much so?

The youngest of us would say
And Santa Claus and Rudolph
In their merry sled

The more elder of us would reply
To meet again with our loved ones
To chat beyond more than “Hi”

I can almost hear
My more mischievous friends saying
Then secretly shaking their heads saying it’s fattening

But why? Truly why?
Christmas was always so much more
Presents, food and family
That can’t be all

I think it is the same reason
The angels sang that night
And three kings came visiting
Following the star light

It was because unseen by most
Asleep in the hay
God made into man
Our saviour lay

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Copyright © 2013 by May Kwek