Sunday, January 8, 2012

A ‘story’ about a bird and an elephant

A ‘story’ about a bird and an elephant

By May Kwek

My dear friends have you the time
To heard a story written in rhyme?
I heard it from a little bird of mine
Who said he helped one of the elephant kind

On a dull humid forest day
A little bird flew in an elephant’s way
And when the elephant stopped and decided to wait
He felt that pleasantries had to be said

“Good day elephant
Good day to you
Why on earth
Do you look so blue?”

The elephant sighed and his trunk looked long
He felt that the good days were all gone
But never the less he was polite
And so decided to reply

“The rest are gone
There is only me
I am all alone
Don’t you see?”

“That is sad,” replied the bird
“But I think that you are wrong
I was sure I heard elephants trumpeting
At the edge of the forest near dawn”

“Really?” asked the elephant
As his heart rejoiced
“I must go and meet them
As I have the choice”

And happily he ambled off
As the bird too flew off
But being rather old of age
He somehow flew into a cage

And that how he came to me
And this story came to be
About how a little birdie
Helped an elephant find a family

By the way
 Do you call this a story?
The bird said so
But it looks rather sorry

The End

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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