Friday, January 27, 2012

A letter to a friend from a landlady

A letter to a friend from a landlady

By May Kwek

Ah, my friend it has been long since I've written
let me tell you about my terrible tenant.
His name is lazy sloth and a sloth he is!
The most terrible tenant I had ever hoped to meet!

He lies in bed all day and night
He even needs help to switch on the lights!
He lies down there refusing to move
I am almost glad he is not set loose!

But alas for him I could take it no more
and I ordered him out of the door.
He fell on his knees, cried and begged
I wouldn't lose my resolve just like that!

I told him, "Out of the house!"
And he whimpered like a mouse!
"Don't send me away," he begged and begged
"you are the best landlady I ever had!"

So I stormed out of the house to formulate a plan
To get lazy sloth out of my hands
And who should I happen to meet?
Dear Hardworking! The best person to meet!

I rushed over and told him my woes
about how lazy sloth wouldn't move
He puffed up with anger or was it pride?
And said that he would set things right

So we walked over to my place
Never slackening our pace
Hardworking came and said out loud
"Lazy sloth get out of the house!"

But Lazy sloth refused to budge
But Hardworking was very large
He picked him up and threw him out of the house
As though he was a little mouse!

And so I invited Hardworking to stay
and he's been working all night and day
He is clearing up his room you see
and the end product I really have to see!

So my friend goodbye for now
I hope that with you all is well
Hopefully I will write again soon
maybe before the next full moon

Your friend,
the landlady

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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