Sunday, October 1, 2017

For a season

For a season

By May Kwek

Once I saw a beautiful flower
Bright, sunny and sweet
And when I saw it I thanked God
That I was so fated to meet

A bloom of such beauty
Which brought laughter and joy
That shone despite adversity
That bloomed in defiance of toil

The days were bright together
Laughter and fun in the sun
And other blooms I gathered
And formed into one

It was a bright bouquet
Which bloomed best when it bloomed together
Meeting life and its adventures
For what I hoped was forever

Alas then that I was to discover
That it was fated not to be
These blooms flew away in the wind
Bringing smiles to others rather than me

And now I have to bid them farewell
As they fly somewhere I cannot see
And hope that at least wherever they roam
They will still be happy

The remaining dry leaves I hold in hand
To keep and remember the reason
That I thanked God for those flowers bloomed!
And I enjoyed them, for a season

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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