Wednesday, October 11, 2017



By May Kwek

Silky soft and in full bloom
The joys that chase away the gloom!
Bright with cheer and generous with smiles
That bring hope and rejoicing all the while

Yes flowers singing under the sky
Land-bound but their melodies fly!
As they seek to bless the day
And reach out to the bright sun’s rays

They are smiles personified
Radiant in the morning light
The earth drapes them on in delight
In a crown sweet and bright

And the world is filled with their scent
As under the gentle winds they’re bent
And they tell the world the secrets they know
And sing them in a whisper low

For hopes, dreams and life in songs
Wrapped in blooms are forever strong
Written are they in a heavenly art
That never touches the mind without touching the heart

So let them bloom and let them glow
And bring joy to every high and low
And in that instant of eternity before they go
They would have lightened many a soul

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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