Sunday, October 29, 2017

Exultation of the sea

Exultation of the sea

By May Kwek

Look out to the sea!
From the unending shore
Look out! Look out!
It goes on forevermore!

Shinning in golden sun
The silver sparkling waves
With the crystal beauty
The glorious day has gave

Ships sail over it
Clouds dance in the shimmering light
Oh wondrous and wondrous!
The sea so bright!

Taste the salty sea air
As it lingers on your tongue
And within lies a song
That the sea breeze has sung!

Hummed by the whales
In their revels deep
Oh the unending sea!
Where beauty never sleeps!

Where the day sings its song
And the stars by night dance
Where the bold, brave and free
Set out to take their chance

Where dreams and hopes
Skip merrily with the waves
Where promises are met
And seeking hearts are saved

Oh look out! Look out!
Let no man pine on the shore
For behold the glorious sea
Goes on forevermore!

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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