Sunday, November 12, 2017



By May Kwek

He asked for a miracle
In the deep dark night
And somewhere, someone
Switched on the light

But he didn’t see and so he asked again
For a miracle once more
And somewhere on a beach
A turtle laid eggs on the shore

So he asked again, for he didn’t know
And nearby a baby cried
The first sound it had ever made
Before that fateful night

The man covered his ears
And asked for a miracle again
And as the sun rose outside the window
A flower bloomed on the plain

He smiled at the flower but wanted a miracle
So he kneeled down and prayed
And his daughter saw the flower
And rose from the darkness she was laid

He saw no miracle and asked again
For a miracle did he plea
“Hooray! A miracle!” he cried
He had won the lottery

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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