Sunday, November 12, 2017

Give me a Grateful Heart

Give me a Grateful Heart

By May Kwek

Give me a grateful heart Lord
Open my eyes to see
The wondrous things that you have done
For the world and for me

The azure blue sky
The wind in the trees
The good green earth
And the boundless seas

The good weather on a bad day
The message from a friend
A smile from a stranger
When you fall, a helping hand

Oh Lord, give me ears to hear
To hear deeds of your love
To hear and to know
Who you are above

The music of the birds
The rippling of a stream
The roar of a wave
The whisper of a dream

The friendly hellos
The longing goodbyes
Words of encouragement
That bring tears to the eye

Oh Father give me the heart
To feel and truly know
The one to whom
I owe my soul

The one who built the mountains
Who studded the night sky
Who planted the forests
And taught birds to fly

The one who first laughed
The one who the desperate saves
The one who for one and for all
Died and his life gave

Oh give me the heart Lord
So I can finally see
Who you are
And who you’ll always be

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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