Friday, October 13, 2017



By May Kwek

Our world is filled with lights
From the first blush of dawn
To the golden shining rays
Of the sun at morn

They are beautiful in all colours
Brimming with life and joy
Like the stars that guide the sailors home
After a voyage of toil

Yet they are pensive too
So quiet and serene
Like the moonlight floating down
In gentle shifting beams

Or excitable like fireworks
Blazing through the night
Sparkling like golden dust
With their shimmering light

Or worse still, the herald
To disaster and death
Like the red blaze of a fire
In the midst of its theft

But they can also be life giving
As the rays of the sun
Bestowing growth to all that lives
Until the day is done

For all lights give clarity
Opening our eyes to see
Either the world around us
Or within what we’ll be

And what marvellous lights and wonders
I’ve seen wherever I’ve roamed
And each telling a story
That I have never known

But perhaps the light I love best
Is the one not distant and unknown
But the flickering lights in the night
That tell me I’ve come home

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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