Monday, September 25, 2017

He took me

He took me

By May Kwek

I stood alone in the marketplace
As the others bustled about
Eager, like all new souls
To join the lively crowd

Some people came and I asked
If I could join them
They looked at me appraisingly
And said I was not worthy to be with them

So to the next group I offered
My love and my care
And they took it but left me
Once they’d had their share

Bereft I offered the next
My skills and knowledge too
They used it greedily
But then they left me too

And so alone I continued standing
Offering all I had
People came, they took what I gave
But left me with a ‘that’s too bad’

Then as the crowds thinned
I saw a different face
It was the Lord of Everything
He had come to the marketplace

I searched my full pockets
But in his sight they were empty
I hadn’t a single thing
I could offer with me

So I checked my appearance
But a hideous visage met my sight
A liar, a sinner, puffed up with pride
That was who I was under his truthful light

I bowed my head as he came near
So I wouldn’t have to see
The just anger and disgust in his eyes
At the sight of one like me

I heard him stop before me
And waited for him to turn away
After all, I had nothing to give
And that’s how everyone had acted that day

But then he held out his hand
And offered it to me
By some miracle, where others left
He decided to take me

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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