Thursday, August 10, 2017

Holmes and Watson go camping

Holmes and Watson go camping

By May Kwek

Holmes and Watson went camping
And in a field they spent the night
Set up their tent, cooked by the fire
And then slept side by side

But then in the middle of the night
Holmes woke Watson with a jab to the side
“What do you see?” he asked as they looked at the sky
“The stars Holmes,” Watson replied

“And what does that tell you?” asked his friend
And Watson bowed his head
Knowing the clever Sherlock Holmes
It had to be something really great

“I see that we’re so small,” he replied
“So insignificant and tiny
And perhaps somewhere in the great universe
There are others just like me”

“On planets that could bear life
And trees that have good fruit
Now Holmes are you impressed?
Aren’t my thoughts good?”

Holmes shook his head slowly
Then sighed and shook his friend
"Watson you idiot!" he cried
"Someone has stolen our tent!"

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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