Friday, May 9, 2014

Yesterday's Toyland

Yesterday's Toyland

By May Kwek

When I was fairly young
I stretched out my hand
Took up a little teddy bear
And Toyland began

It was as crazy a world
As a seven year old could make it
Flying animals and carriages
We even added school in it!

My sister was old enough
So I added her in
And we created a world
Of Kings and Queens!

It was relatively simple
At the beginning at least
A family of royals
And many nephews and nieces

But it grew larger
Quite rapidly too
Especially when our toys had special powers
Each one with about two

So we created ranks
Titles and such
Palaces and treats
For the toys that were made much

It was a fun time
For a good six years
But I grew up and left
With my sister in tears

It has been
About seven years since that time
I am about to enter university
And play not with toys but rhymes

Still I can’t deny
That some of that kid is still in me
Look at all I write
I still try to be funny

Though the innocence of the time
Has slowly been lost
I guess in growing up
This is the cost

To learn more about the world
This is the price I have to pay
I can’t be a kid forever
That had to end someday

But I will always have
That golden memory
Of the times in Toyland together
My sister and I happy

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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