Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dinner at Rendezvous

Dinner at Rendezvous

May Kwek

It has been a long time
Since we have been here
In fact the last time
Was longer than my years

Its location was charming
By the Singapore river
And food was not too bad
Compared to my expectations much better

 However the method of ordering
Was frankly inefficient
Though I suppose it may work in some ways
Speed can’t be their mission

The cuisine is distinctly local
With curry and spice
And gravy and chili
Which is supposed to be nice

Chicken cooked
In many different ways
And many dishes
Whose names I can’t say

Here I must profess my ignorance
In my dealings with food
But I know that if I can eat it
Usually, it is good!

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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