Sunday, August 17, 2014

NTU’s Teas

This was written in early June. I was rather late in putting it up.

NTU’s Teas

By May Kwek

About a week ago
I was invited to NTU
No, actually, the Mandarin Orchard hotel
“Specially invited are you”

So said the invitation
And being curious I went
I came back sore and tired
But the hours I will not repent

The bus ride there was long
The timing was all wrong
But I made it just in time
And what did I find?

A huge ballroom
With silly speakers
A personalised place card
For each of the sitters

I took my place
At the front of the room
Just left of the stage
There was plenty of room

We had a professor at my table
And so did the rest
Some had alumni
Wonder which was the best?

Questions were tabled
And each one answered
The professor was real friendly
I stayed while it lasted

But it was rather strange to find
On my way back home
That I had my tea in a hotel
And my friend in the lecture room 

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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