Friday, May 9, 2014

What tomorrow brings

What tomorrow brings

By May Kwek

A plant doesn’t choose where to grow
And neither did I
The sun doesn’t choose when to rise
Neither did I

I didn’t choose my place of birth
Nor my dear family
My friends came by accident
As did the joy they have brought me

My schools weren’t planned
Much less my difficulties
Nor how I was taught to deal with them
And life’s uncertainties

I didn’t groom my personality
Or my likes and dislikes
I didn’t choose my temperament
Or that in which my heart delights

Yet I have chosen
 A path which to take
It is the most logical
That I can currently make

A suitable beginning
To the rest of the journey
But who I am I don’t know
Nor where this path will take me

The road ahead winds and curves
And I can’t choose or plan it
Who I meet, the opportunities I will have
Who can foretell it?

No I am not the captain of my fate
Much less the master of my soul
But at least my Lord is at the helm
And where he steers I’ll gladly go

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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