Saturday, March 31, 2018



By May Kwek

Trumpets sound and angels sing!
Behold the triumph of the King!
Death is gone! It’s passed away!
Rejoice creation! In today!

What is death? What is sin?
But an open cage we are locked in?
The Lord has procured the key
Rejoice and praise! We are free!

Rejoice Man! Make a joyful sound!
That can be heard in the whole world round!
The sacrifice made by our great Master
Has made him our loving Father!

Rejoice you new sons and daughters! 
Have faith all you ceaseless doubters!
For the one who for all in love died
Does not sleep in a grave tonight!

Barriers are gone! They are torn away!
Nothing save ourselves stands in our way
Rejoice creation! For his goodness has shown
That because of today, we are his own

Yes creation, rejoice! Rejoice!
Shout out with a mighty voice
Fill the air with songs and praise
For today the Son was raised!

Happy Easter!

Copyright © 2018 by May Kwek

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