Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday

Good Friday

By May Kwek

It’s Good Friday today
Good! Oh why?
For on this day so many wept
And the heavens cried

A man who had done no wrong
Had to walk to his death
Bloody, bowed and in pain
With every single breath

Good? It did not seem good
It must have been an awful day
For those who followed him
As he walked that lonely way

To that dreaded hill
And on a cross hung
To be mocked and killed
With hate from sin sprung

To suffer, to be torn away
From the one he loves most
To die in the midst of shame
Was what he chose

So why Good? Why Good?
It would not be good at all
If the work had ended there
And there was nothing more

But it was not the end
Just the darkness before the dawn
The willing sacrifice
That brought about the morn

For with his last cry
Death’s power fell away
The devil lost his grip on the world
Over which he had held sway

For the veil had split in two
And our debt ceased to be
Oh that blessed day
When my Lord died for me!

Copyright © 2018 by May Kwek

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