Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A birthday’s joy

A birthday’s joy

By May Kwek

The sun rose bright today
Even as it set my latest year
Warm and good it was
So bright and so clear

The day seemed perfect
The sun shone so bright
The birds chirped in the trees
And the wind was swift and light

I was surprised by well wishes
From so many today
I had never expected
The many that came my way

So yes it was good day
But even if it was not
And the skies were dark and grey
And everyone forgot

The smile I wore
Would still grace my face
Even if to all else
It seemed out of place

For I borrowed it not from the sun
I did not need its mirth
Nor from the trees and the flowers
That bloomed from the earth

It sprung not from the well wishes
I gratefully received
It did not come from the blessings today
As others may believe

For the joy I felt came not
From my happy circumstance
What’s based on fact cannot
Be swayed by winds of chance

For its roots were planted years ago
And today when I beheld the morn
I thanked God for his blessing
The gift that I was born

Copyright © 2018 by May Kwek

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