Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A redwood’s time

A redwood’s time

By May Kwek

Strong, alone but not alone
In a forest of equals I stand
Reaching for the heavens
With all that I am

Centuries pass in a blink
Forever lives in a day
I’ve seen empires rise and fall
I’ve seen men born and passed away

And yet here am I
Standing in the light
Away from the world’s troubles
Serene and bright

The centuries which’ve passed
And their troubles seem so small
For they lived but for a moment
And still! I stand tall

What is a day
In a thousand years?
What’s a brief cloud
For centuries clear?

What of the fire that burns?
Though it scars my side?
Will my leaves still not shine?
In the morning light?

For they can touch me not
They which do not last
Except in clouded memories
Of an inconsequential past

Oh look on me you men
For in my years you’ll see
How fleeting your troubling moments
In the face of eternity

Copyright © 2018 by May Kwek

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