Sunday, December 25, 2016

Finding our Christmas Light

Finding our Christmas Light

By May Kwek

The days have passed in a blur
And now it’s Christmas night
How strange it feels, so serene
It’s an oddly peaceful night

The days between have not been pleasant
Madmen acted and lives were lost
The earth has shaken, storms raged
Peace has held but at terrible cost

The struggle to keep it Christmas
Has been brutal with spirits this low
Sometimes it seemed dancing on the edge
Ready to fall with a careless blow

So I searched again for that Christmas star
And I found it tonight
High up in the dark night sky
Oddly small and not too bright

But it was constant, ever constant
Nothing could cause it to fade
It cannot be blocked, it cannot be stopped
For eternity it had been made

And I know now that it will glow always
Hope shinning in the night
Nothing on earth nor in hell
Can ever block out that light

So although there’s no tree this year
And thus nothing festive to light
It is Christmas still
And that Child’s our eternal Christmas light

Merry Christmas

Copyright © 2016 by May Kwek

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