Monday, December 12, 2016

Fighting for Christmas Faith

Fighting for Christmas Faith

By May Kwek

Christmas has come around again this year
But I must confess I feel no cheer
Rather it feels like Annus Horribilis
In other words, a horrible year

The world I knew has departed
Everything seems to have changed
Peace now feels on the brink of danger
And really, the world just got strange

So no tree decorates our home
The lights on the street are cold and empty
It all seems so superficial
Is this Christmas really?

I look up to the stars for an answer
Seeking the one from 2000 years ago
The one that guided to a poor manger
That winter night so cold

And it shone in my mind so bright
Such a contrast to the dark of night
And led me down a quiet walk
Where with a shepherd I could talk

But he never spoke a word
Only raised his arm and I knew
That soldiers descended to Bethlehem
To a thousand children slew

It was the first Christmas night
Forgot I truly had
That hope was born in a world so dark
And in a night so black

Yet how it shone, how it shone
The skies opened and the angels sang
There was a celebration in that little manger
Despite the world so dark and dank

Our hope is a hope for the ages
And Christmas’ joy from hereafter comes
So this Christmas will be graced with a feast nevertheless
And I’ll open the door to whoever and still say ‘Welcome’

Immanuel, God is with us

Merry Christmas

Copyright © 2016 by May Kwek

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