Sunday, December 4, 2016



By May Kwek 

The night air is quiet
And I neither sleep nor wake
But move on from task to task
As best as weak strength can make

Do I still have a soul I wonder
It feels hidden away somewhere
Leaving just the flesh and bone
And tired eyes to stare

Silently at the screen
I gaze from left to right
In this darkened place
It seems so very bright

My feelings have vanished
I don't seem alive
But this heart keeps beating
Against death it still strives

But my mind has deserted me
It's mired in grey fog
My limbs worn down and heavy
Like a pair of logs

Everything feels dry
The heart is withered and grey
The whole world feels
Like a cloudy overcast day

I don’t know who I am
I don't know where I'm placed
I seem to be some machine
Working with a plastic face

I can't start I can't stop
I can't stay I can't go
I need to find, where is it?
Where can I find my soul?

Copyright © 2016 by May Kwek

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