Sunday, October 16, 2016

A home in the woods

A home in the woods

By May Kwek

I walked in the quiet woods
Where very few ever roam
And there amongst the towering trees
I made my soul a home

The blue sky was my ceiling
The trees my pillars and walls
The leaves my living carpet
And the roots were my floor

The sun was my lamp in the day
The moon and stars by night
The running brook was my playmate
Its song filled me with delight

The birds in the air were my wind chimes
Singing when the day was clear
The ferns my stairs to wonders
Everywhere far and near

The wind was my sweet refresher
My story teller in disguise
The creatures my daily companions
Rising with me at sunrise

Yes, I walked in the woods one day
And a sweet home I did find
For though my body departed
I left my heart and soul behind

Copyright © 2016 by May Kwek

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