Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas' Song

Christmas' Song

By May Kwek

Oh rejoice it is Christmas!
The brightest day of the year
Even if not apparent in the sky
Our hearts are filled with cheer!

There is a song in the air
It has been singing since the morn
Can you hear what it is saying?
That the Savior is born!

Oh it is a grand old song
That has been played for thousands of years
But on Christmas day
Is when it seems near

It is a song that fills my heart
That adds a spring in my step
A joy that can’t be torn apart
That for a year has slept

This song that rises through the air
And fills the hearts of men
Seeks out their hurts and then
Slowly helps them mend

This joy that makes one want to sing
To jump into the sky and take wing
This is the joy of the Christmas morn
It is the joy that the Savior is born!

This is what makes Christmas Christmas
More than any Christmas tree
More than a truck load of presents
Tucked under the tree

More than traditions and dinners
And laughter with family
Not that these aren't important
But none can make me as happy

As the joy
That my Savior's birth has given
That one day soon
We will be with him in heaven

And that thanks to his gift
We shall never be apart
And for that Christmas’s joy
Shall ever be in my heart!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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