Saturday, December 6, 2014

Forest Melody

Forest Melody

By May Kwek

The forest melody is high and shrill
It speaks of a life ever in a thrill
As wild as the distant hills
Lived only through force of will

Its song lasts long into the night
And is renewed with the morning light
It’s only ever heard, it’s never in sight
But yet seems mysterious and bright

It is sung by the lingering breeze
The ever swaying, whispering trees
By the birds hiding amongst the leaves
And the rippling forest streams

It is heard by all with ears
Both the young and old in years
Some find in it safety and others fear
For either way the forest in near

For it sings of life in the tree’s shadows
Of its many highs and many lows
Of the dances meant just for show
And fights for one’s life to hold

And forever will the forest melody be sung
As it has since the forest first begun
Of life springing in the sun
And resting when the day is done

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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