Thursday, December 25, 2014



By May Kwek

There is a place carved by glaciers
That no one knew was there
It grew wild and unfettered
With freedom in the air

It was hidden away for eons
This temple of nature grand
Locked away for ages
From the sight of man

No one thought to look
For such a place could not exist
Such a place, so remote
It was easy to miss

But to see it, to discover it
Is worth every trouble to get there
For the place breathes of magic
And it lingers in the air

To see the brilliant Yosemite falls
Glide down to the earth
Like wisps of smoke slowly descending
While singing of the day with mirth

Then to go closer
Simply stop and stare
Hear the roar of the water
As the spray flies up to the air

To stand simply amazed
As the roaring falls transforms into a river
That weaves its way through the forest
As though strolling but even slower

And to hear the laughter of that river
As it skips over rocks and stones
Is to drink the deepest contentment
That I have ever known

But then to look up and stare
Uncomprehending at the mountains
At the glistening snow that powders it
And the musical silence, listen!

Listen to the song of the mountains
The majesty that fills your soul
The harmonizing of the trees
Upturns all beauty you have known

And to see the same snow on Half dome
Winding paths for you through the forest
Where as you walk the sweet singing of birds
Can be heard from amongst the trees caress

And the clear Merced river
As it silently flows
With water as clear as crystal
And the river bed shows

Oh but what are these words
But a lone lamp compared to the day
For some things make you catch your breath
But this takes it away

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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