Monday, December 10, 2012

Immanuel's Star

Immanuel's Star

By May Kwek

The night was cold and dark
The shepherds drew lambs to their hearts
Across the valleys and hills a cool wind blew
Drawing the grass apart

Huddling by the fire
A shepherd sang a song
Poking a crackling fire
Ready for the night so long

 Then a bright light
Caught his dazzled eyes
And he turned them heavenward
Towards the star studded sky

And behold there was a star
Shinning in the night
Eclipsing all others
With its beauty and light

It drew and beckoned
And suddenly the heavens burst open
The air was filled with angel songs
And by the star’s light the shepherds were drawn

Towards a little village
Of seemingly no importance
Worn down with age
Completely impassioned

The atmosphere was joyful
Yet apprehensive as they drew nearer
To a newly born child
Asleep in the manger

His hands shaking slightly
The shepherd touched the child
He stirred and looked up
And a miracle he smiled!

Then a while later
The shepherd was back at his fire
Gazing up at the star
His heart felt warmer

And he watched never knowing
That it was the first Christmas night
And the star shinning so brightly
Was the Saviour’s heralding light

Merry Christmas everyone!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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