Thursday, November 29, 2012

Round the walls of Jericho

Round the walls of Jericho

By May Kwek

I don’t understand why we are doing this
I am warrior, we are trained to fight
But Joshua has us marching round this wall
Ever since first light

Shouldn't we storm the city?
Look the people jeer from the walls!
Anger courses through me
Do they think we are that small?

Shall we not fight back?
What will this walking do?
In absolute silence we march
And waiting for God too

Six days he said we will march
And on the seventh blow our horns
Though I remember he gave water in deserts parched
What good is blowing a horn?

No, this doesn't make sense
I try to tell Joshua so
But he told me to march on
On the Lord’s word we will go

Days pass and the seventh is here
I carefully raise my horn
Together we blow loudly
The loudest since we were born

The next second feels
Like a sound from hell
I feel a rumble and turn around
Oh my God! The wall fell!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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