Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reflections on reading A Picture of Dorian Gray

Reflections on reading A Picture of Dorian Gray

By May Kwek

Good Lord human depravity!
Sown in the Garden of Eden
Human hands and cruelty
The worst scream I’ve ever listened

Murder and selfishness
Lost in carnal delights
The corruption of souls and innocence
Blotted out like a candle at night

How can the pure and good?
Be lost in the waves of sin?
In the midst of depravity
No one knows how blind they’ve been

Consumed with one’s self
Till it’s an empty shell
Wallowing in selfish pleasures
Unaware it’s the herald of hell

Oh let the watchers watch!
And the listeners listen!
Mind the tale!
The story that was written

Fall not into the trap
Of the easy way to hell
The soul is a precious thing
Pray! Keep it well!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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