Sunday, April 8, 2012

Playing on the Star Wars Kinect

Playing on the Star Wars Kinect 

By May Kwek

Wow all I can say is this
That this is one of the best funs there is
I know I am girl but I won’t resist
It is too fun for me to desist

It’s great to wave the light sabre about
And to sometimes jump and shout
 To use the Force to make things fly
And never have to worry about being shy

To dodge and then quickly dash
To jump and take a well timed slash
To leap from high places and not take a fall
In fact I feel nothing at all!

But sadly I do get tired
Which is especially bad when blasters are fired
But never mind I’ll just swing my arms to deflect
And let sheer movement make up for what skills I lack!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek 

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