Saturday, April 7, 2012

Our own way to shine

Our own way to shine

By May Kwek

When I was a child who liked to mimic things
My parents would smile and sometimes wink
Then my sister would do something I could not do
And dare me to try and mimic that if I could

I would try and through experience find
That we each have our own ways to shine
So while I couldn’t stare the way she could
She could never twist her tongue the way I could

Now that we are older
 Things are pretty much the same
I am good at words
And she is good at games

So what’s up with those ideas?
That there is only one way to shine?
We each have our own strengths
And I have found mine

We each have our own path
The one that only we will take
So never mind those ego ideas
My own future I will make

I’ll work on what I am good at
And try to make it the best
I will find my own way to shine
And never mind about the rest

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek 

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