Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Life’s path

Life’s path

By May Kwek

All are travelers on the road of time
Running over life's messy plains
Falling, stumbling, running, striving
Ending then seeking to run again

For our paths were counted
Long ere we knew they exist
The paths we took, those we forsook
All lead to the end as it is

And along the way we forgot
That we’re all going the same way
And both the strong and the weak
End with a last day

So we fought, we struggled
For the ephemeral success
Without a chance or a pause
To consider what’s truly best

We pushed fellow travelers aside
To the glories we ran!
Never cared, never looked
Just did everything we can

But the paths we travel
However long they might be
End in the same destination
Man’s fated destiny

Where all the glories we picked up
We’re forced to cast aside
And we are as we are
Without a place to hide

And at the time and at that end
There is no U-turn at the bend
So now though that time is far from me
What should I do on the path before me?

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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