Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dreaming in the night

Dreaming in the night

By May Kwek

Take me to the moon
High up amongst the stars
For when you dream touching the heavens
Dreams don’t seem so far

The stars twinkle down their good wishes
The night would lend its fancy
And dreams which were so vague
Begin to gain some clarity

The clouds shift their forms
Into the landscape of your dreams
And they seem so real, just beyond
Almost in reach it seems

And you could be content forever
High up in the air
Dreaming dreams with the stars
Without a thought or care

Unknowing to the passing hours
Or of the daylight’s morning ride
They don’t exist, there’s only
You, your dreams, the night

Until you float down to solid ground
As the sun rises and the moon bids adieu
But the hope you found so far above
Will always remain with you

Copyright © 2017 by May Kwek

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