Monday, December 21, 2015

A fiery Christmas

A fiery Christmas

By May Kwek

It’s been quite a Christmas
In our expensive Orchard road
Things have been catching fire
It’s a wonder business has not slowed

First it was the Christmas tree
Just sitting by the side of the road
Then in a flash of flame
Its ornaments it did unload

Then it was the décor
Hanging on a street light
First it shone with electric brilliance
And then with crimson light

Third was a poor restaurant
That was somehow set ablaze
Now how did that happen?
The sprinkler I can’t praise

And now do I hear a fourth?
Hidden in a carpark, a flaming pile of rubbish
Perhaps with the wall,
They couldn’t it distinguish

Oh please no more!
This is turning into a bad comedy
Once, twice, I forgive you
But four is insanity

They must have struck everywhere in Orchard road
These mysterious ‘arsonists’
Having hit sky and ground
What else could they have missed?

Ah I see it now
I will shop elsewhere instead
Because the only place not yet aflame
Is I fear, my head!

Copyright © 2015 by May Kwek

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