Sunday, January 24, 2016

Reading Jane Austen

Reading Jane Austen

By May Kwek

I am reading Jane Austen
As I have said above
About riches, marriages
And alliances in the disguise of love

I have heard the characters speak of money
Being the almost literal measure of a man
One with a good income must eventually
Be captured with a wedding band

They talk of balls and fortunes
Of people and not much more
Because back then, it really seems
It was a much smaller world after all

Their idle lives of leisure
Singing, music and dance
With inheritance and all that propriety
Very little seems left to chance

Yet when I look at all their riches
The seemingly idle utopia they enjoy
They feel so miserable deep within
That I think they would do better for some toil

Copyright © 2016 by May Kwek

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