Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The voices of the wind

The voices of the wind

By May Kwek

Quiet now, keep still
And gently close your eyes
Tilt your head slightly upwards
Towards the glorious sky

Can you hear the wind blowing?
Just beside your ear?
Listen, can hearing it speaking?
About things far and near?

Taste the cold wind swept air
 And hear the wind rush like the sea
Then you know as the wind has told
That a storm will come eventually

Or perhaps a whispering rush
That hurries through the trees
Calling you, yes, calling you
“Quickly! Come and see!”

Or maybe the breeze that blows
Everlasting by the sea
Telling tales of war and strength
And the peaceful and free

Or maybe the best voice of all
That the wind whispers in your ear
“Calm and peace be with you”
You know the Lord is near

Copyright © 2014 by May Kwek

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