Sunday, January 6, 2013

The raindrop’s quick adventure

The raindrop’s quick adventure

By May Kwek

Gentle rains fall on the window
Drumming like the footsteps of little children
Many many little children
Each too small to see or touch

They are the rain’s children
The little raindrops
And every storm they fall to the earth
From the heavens they drop

Some hit my window
And smile before running away
Some fall on the plants
And gently roll away

From there they hide in the dirt
And seek out the roots hidden there
Then they knock three times to enter
The plant’s secret lair

It is a labyrinth inside
Full of tunnels and tubes
The raindrops explore till oops!
They go up the water tube

At marvellously quick speeds they travel up to the leaves
And find it full of holes like a sieve
The sun draws them out from there
And they fly up to the air

Where they will form clouds and wait
Till the rain storms gather again
Then they will fall once more
Anxious to see more than they did before

Copyright © 2013 by May Kwek

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