Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why don’t you buy another one?

Why don’t you buy another one?

By May Kwek

I went to the bookshop one day
Because I needed a notebook anyway
So I picked one that I want
And after paying I would be done

But the lady shop keeper began to speak
Like a wise old lady with a lesson to teach
“We don’t get this often,” she slowly said
“Why don’t you buy two instead?”

I only needed one so I declined
And put the incident from my mind
Until I needed a notebook again
And the whole scenario began again

“This is an oddly shaped book,” she said
“And isn’t often found”
“Since you are already buying,
Why not buy two this time round?”

Again I said no and went on my way
Puzzling about it for the rest of the day
But then other things soon filled my mind
And I decided to think about it another time

Then today I needed another book
And so bought a bright pretty blue one
I waited and sure enough she said,
“This colour isn’t common. Why don’t you buy another one?”

No thank you, I think my notebook buying spree is done

Copyright © 2013 by May Kwek

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