Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dawn’s song

Dawn’s song

By May Kwek

Moon guardian I take your place
The morning approaches
It is time for me to sing my song
As the time marches

Night, night, hear my name
You know what to do, every day’s the same
Depart and with you take the stars
Quickly! The time passes fast!

Now gentle clouds with sunset blooms
Be quickly spun from heavenly looms
Dance across the fiery sky
Behind which sleeping stars lie!

Quiet ocean wake from your sleep
And let dolphins from your surface leap!
Let quick fishes in your waters dart
And feel the ocean’s beating heart

Quiet wind it is time to dance
Faster than a thrusting lance
Wake the flowers of the fields and the birds in the trees
Rise quickly morning breeze!

Now to wake the very last one
Turn Earth! Turn! To the rising sun!
Let the world hear dawn sing!
And jointly welcome the morning!

There now my song is done
I give my place to the sun
And while I slumber let my song linger on
And fill the souls with the peace of morn

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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