Monday, August 20, 2012

Fighting lions

Fighting lions

By May Kwek

I once knew a man
Who everywhere he went
Had beside him a lion
Who was not his friend

When he wanted to do something
The lion would stop him
And when he tried to run
It would always chase him

He grew very tired
Of being thus ordered around
But no easy respite
In his world could be found

It was either being ordered
Or standing up to fight
Because the lion
Was actually his fright

His fear made true
And given flesh and blood
It always carried through
And put my friend in the mud

But one day my friend could take it no more
And frightened though he was
He stood up and fought the lion
And taught him that he was the law

The fight was long and hard
And he often wanted to run
But yet to give up and fear again
Was simply a can’t

Then amazingly he won
And the lion was very still
Then oddly enough grew smaller
But only a little still

Yet every time they fought
My friend found it easier
And every time he won
The lion grew still smaller

Till one day after another fight
The lion lost once more
And he shrunk until
He could be seen no more

And now my friend is quite free
To do as he likes
For fear no longer rules him
And neither does his fright

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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