Sunday, July 29, 2012

Talking to nature

Talking to nature

By May Kwek

Hello wind, are you having a good day?
Why yes how nice to see you today!

It’s been a while old friend would you sing me a song?
Yes until the day and night grow long

Hello sun! Are you having fun?
You were always a funny child young one

I rather like it at least I can hear you
Yes and feel my warm rays too

Hello my dear trees how are the skies?
Bright blue and the clouds are shy

I would fix that but how are you?
With birds in their nest could I be blue?

I suppose not but flowers I do wish to see
Child, climb up and search me

Hello flowers! You’re so pretty and pink!
Yes I am so happy I could blink!

Blink? What do you mean?
I mean to open and close in a team!

Ah now the wind is calling me what does it say?
Child you should stay in for today

Why? The day is nice and hardly plain
Child breathe deep I bring rain

Oh dear then I must go. Would you wait for me?
I am the wind and shall be by the sea

Alright then goodbye my friends!
Goodbye child we shall see you again!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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