Saturday, March 3, 2012

Patience young one

Patience young one

By May Kwek

Once under the mighty trees
There once grew a little seed
It was a small, tiny thing
Of which no one would think

But yet it aspired to reach the skies
And tried to grow with all its might
But yet no matter how hard it tried
It found that it never gained much height

It grew frustrated and wilted and cried
‘Oh why?’ it cried ‘did it bother to try?’
It wanted to give up, to lie down and die
When it heard a voice from the sky

“Be patient, wait. You’re not there yet
Great things are not made with leaps but steps”
The little plant upset, only replied,
“But all around me have touched the sky”

To this the voice only said
“When they were struggling you were not there
Have a little faith
You will get there”

The little plant listened and decided to wait
And found that he grew very little everyday
But never the less he always grew
And believed that what the voice said was true

Finally after many years
Through hardships, pains and tears
The tree finally touched the sky
And found itself up on high

“I told you” the voice said
“Look what progress you have made
And now remember, never forget
Not leaps but little steps”

The now mighty tree smiled in reply
And felt the wind dance in the sky
It looked at the sun and rustled it leaves
Knowing that in patience it had found peace

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek

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