Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let God

Let God

By May Kwek

Many times I have often been told
That in this dreary world we know
The most important thing is to use our minds
Or else life would not be kind

So blindly I have followed this rule
Whether at home or in school
Thinking about things day and night
Until they send me into a dreadful fright!

I could not find peace
I dared not trust
Cause when I did
Everything became a rush

People would shout out a billion things
You must do this and that and everything
How could I listen if they crowd my mind?
Among the noise what peace could I find?

And yet when I relied on my brain
Things became an awful shame
As it turned my thoughts against me
 And rebuked me for what I could but did not be

 So what could I do?
Trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea?
Either would spelt discontent
And on neither would I find peace

But I think I have found the secret
To give my mind a rest
And that is to not think too much
And let God do the rest

To throw aside the worries
And leave them at one side
And not wonder if I am doing
What I feel is right

I would never enjoy myself
If I am wondering if I am
And I would never make the journey
If I keep worrying about the end

So to live in the moment
However hard that might be
Is really what I feel
Would be the best option for me!

Copyright © 2012 by May Kwek 

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